Hello and welcome to Agencyside!

In this podcast series, Rob Kerry will interview the founders and owners of digital marketing agencies at different stages of their company's growth. Some have sold their agency, some have merged with bigger agencies, others have just started their journey or decided to go back to working for somebody else.

The common thread that binds them together though, is a desire to build an agency the way they think one should be run. A mission to hire their dream consulting team, build an amazing service offering, with the perfect client list and to eventually become financially independent.

In the full and frank interviews, you'll hear where they started from, why they decided to start the agency, their plans for growth and the problems and wins along the way. Plus they'll all answer this one key question:

If you could give a new agency founder one piece of advice, what would it be?

So if you're thinking of starting your own digital agency one day or already have one, tune in to learn from their stories, mistakes and successes and let's build a better, more sharing, industry together.

Be On The Show

If you're an agency founder or owner, and would like to be interviewed on Agencyside, please email hello@robkerry.com.

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